Locum Tenens

Do you need a vacation or time away from your office?

Dr. Samuel provides locum tenens services. These services allow dentists to have coverage when they are away.  Many dentists and practice owners work years without taking a vacation for fear of lost revenue.  Leaving the office in the hands of an experienced doctor in your absence (vacation, maternity leave, illness, etc.) will prevent excessive loss of revenue and allow your office to continue to be productive.   Keeping the doors open while you are off allows patients to remain in your practice and your team to be compensated.   Dr. Samuel brings over fifteen years of ownership and advanced clinical experience allowing doctors to feel confident that their practice is in good hands.

Locum Tenens or Temporary Coverage includes:

 Long-term and short-term patient care coverage

Maternity leave



Offices that require another provider/dentist to meet practice demands