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Who needs consulting . . . right??  

We all do!  But, many practitioners resist having outside help.   Why?  Dentists tend to be incredibly intelligent people who are very well trained in their tradecraft.  But, does being a great clinician guarantee a successful business?  Absolutely not! Most dentists would rather not deal with the business side of practice and would rather do what they’re passionate about, dentistry.  However, in order to truly be successful, one must be able to run an efficient business.  Dr. Samuel is an expert dental efficiency coach.  By coaching you, the dentist and facilitating the implementation of proper office efficiencies, she aids you in taking your practice to your goal level.

What makes Dr. Samuel different from other dental consultants?  Dr. Samuel brings over fifteen years of dental practice and successful ownership experience.  Relating to practice owners in a way that other business consultants cannot.   Dr. Samuel knows first hand what it is like to be both a CEO and clinician.

Using practical clinical experience, she is able to use her business expertise to relate to the day-to-day operations of a dental/medical practice.

She is dedicated to helping others develop the practice of their dreams.  Whether a start-up office, or an existing practice looking to fulfill its full potential, Dr. Samuel is there to assist.  Helping others to become profitable business owners and achieve life balance is her passion.


Our Four Tiered and Cumulative Coaching Programs:

(download a PDF version of our services here)


1. The “Launch” Program (6 months)

The Business of the Business

–       Insurance and verification (Forms)

–       Financial Arrangements

–       Documentation

–       Fee Schedule (Setting


Team Dynamics

–       Training

–       Hiring

–       Position Descriptions


Office Organization

–       Basic Setup

–       Office Checklists (Operatory Inventory/Doctor Procedures)

–       Front Desk Manuals (for office protocol)



–       Internal

–       External


The New Patient Experience

–       Patient Arrival

–       The On-time Team

–       Scheduling & Exercises

–       Patient Amenities (Blankets/Aromatherapy/Sunglasses/Headphones)

–       Relay System

–       3x Treatment Recommendation

–       Patient Dismissal


Office Flow

–       Meetings

–       Morning Arrival/Responsibilities

–       Office Etiquette- No food at front desk, no personal conversations over/in front of patient, handling of solicitors, appearance of office/cleanliness


2. The “Up & Running” Program (6 months)

–       Includes tailored portions of The Launch Program, Customized Treatment Plan for the Office & an In-office Workshop


3. The “Next Level” Program (6 months)

–       Includes tailored portions of The Launch Program and the “Up & Running Program” and:

–       Vision/Purpose Development

–       Determining Your Office Philosophy

–       Establishing Practice and Life Balance

–       Advanced Team Dynamics

–       Team Assessments

–       Patient Relations

–       Training

–       Hiring

–       Position Descriptions

–       Office Protocol

–       What do they see when they see you coming?

–       Scheduling

–       Template Appointment Book

–       Stellar Customer Service

–       How to get patients and KEEP patients

–       Phone Techniques

–       Call Monitoring/Mystery Call Shopping (Know what your team is saying)


4. The “Efficiency Maintenance” Program (Duration: Ongoing)

–       One-on-one executive call coaching

–       Office Progress Monitoring

–       Access to Online Webinars and Office/Team Courses


*Please note that each practice is as different as the personality of each owner. Programs are customized to fit each individual owner.  Emphasis is added to/on areas unique to the specific practice. The tiered process is a guideline.* 


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